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Tips to select the best time to move in Sugar Land

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Tips to select the best time to move

What Happens When You Take A Phone Estimate

When you were shopping for a moving company & calling different movers when you came across the one who gave you a quote on phone & gave you some unbelievable price & you have selected them to move.

You are waiting for the movers on a moving day. Now comes moving day and the truck shows up at your house. They were a couple of hours late as they show up late wontedly,  but now you’re under pressure and you really need to get this done as you are on a strict timeline. The packing team goes to work on your items while the driver begins to explain their pricing is in cubic feet and the price may go up or down depending on how much space is taken up on the truck & you agree to it as you already got an estimate over the phone.

Once they start lading the truck finally, at the end of the day, your house is cleared and everything is on the truck. Now the hustle begins the driver approaches you and tells you that you have more items than you told us over the phone which is why the estimates have gone up and now your price has quadrupled. They pull out telling you that you won’t take delivery until they have the money for their final price in their hands. Now, what would you do in such a situation?

Do you want to pay the high price or do you want to stick to your schedule & be on time in your new location? It is a wise idea of taking a final price when a person visits your home to see the no of items. Call professional Best Moving Company In Sugar Land

Opt for first available start time of the day

If you are planning to move to a new location & you are confused to which time slot should you select from the given time slots? This is especially true in the summer, when moving crews are slotted for two, three, even up to five or six moving jobs in ONE day as this could be the peak season for any moving company. If your loading request ends up as their fifth move, even if you get the best crew in town, they’re going to be exhausted, work slower and likely to even drop a thing or two. Work with the moving company to find their earliest available start time of the day, and work around it as it is wise to select the first slot of the day.

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