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The Dangers of Hiring an Unprofessional Office Mover

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Moving an office can be time consuming and costly. What’s more, you need to plan ahead to ensure that the move goes as expected. As a business owner, it’s essential to ensure that items like records, furniture, and other equipment are packed properly.

With this in mind, it is critical to hire reputable office movers.Choosing the wrong office mover can expose you to lost or stolen information, debt risks or even business closure.

Scaled Down Storage Trends

Mini-storage is a growing trend in office moving. These organization store your office items in small storage facilities arguing that you’ll cut down on costs involved with traditional moving and storage. As a business owner, you need to beware of these firms.

Unlike professional office these firms lack the same level of insurance cover. Moreover, if you fail to pay your bills on time, they can auction your company’s items to recover their funds, and it’s legal for them to do so.

Another point of concern is that scaled down storage firms are not held to particular locations like professional moving companies. This puts you at risk of losing cash. Some of the things that indicate that a mini-storage mover is not to be trusted include:

  • Lack of a landline and use of mobile phones
  • Lack a physical address and would rather use postal addresses
  • Negative customer feedback
  • Hire rental trucks rather than company owned vehicles
  • Unregistered by the Better Business Bureau.

Mini storage firms have a reputation of setting up office and closing without any notice. They operate under disguise and are likely to open up under a different business license and company name. Also, they’ll quite the lowest prices to attract you.

Selecting an Effective and Reliable Office Moving Company

You can find a professional office moving company that cares about their customers and reputation. Most of these companies are interested in providing the best services at a reasonable rate. Finding movers carlsbad doesn’t have to be daunting or complicated.

When choosing an office mover, you need to take some factors into consideration. These factors include:

  • Registration with Better Business Bureau

A company registered with the Better Business Bureau is certified and licensed to operate. You can be rest assured that you’re dealing with a professional company.

  • Background Checks on Employees

Most professional movers are aware of criminals operating under disguise and will carry out a background check on every worker they hire including part-time workers.

  • Competitive Pricing

Although you may be swayed by the low costs offered by some companies, do not be in a rush to settle. A professional company provides estimates in line with specific cost details. Look out for competitive, yet reasonable bids from different movers.

  • Insurance and Licensing

Reliable movers reduce your company’s risk of liability as they are registered and can absorb liability issues in case your office furniture gets damaged or you end up losing your office records. If your company is looking to shift offices, you can search online for movers.

Hiring an unprofessional moving company can expose you to different risks. Before hiring any office moving company, be sure to check out the above tips to lessen your case dangers and liabilities when moving your office.

The Reason People Hire Movers!

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

Relocating is a huge sacrifice someone makes to better their life or for thier families sake. It is difficult to pack everything, move it, and have to unpack all these things at the same time. To make it much less difficult for you it is best to hire the services of a moving company. All you have to do it hire a company and they do everything else. There are many reasons to hire a professional, which I have listed a few for you.

Take your burden away and cut down on the mess!

It takes time out of your day to acquire boxes. The moving companies provide these things for you; people to pack your items, tape, and boxes. The movers are responsible for making sure that everything is packed, boxes are closed, and everything is loaded onto the truck. You will not have to lift a finger or have to lift any of those heavy boxes. Wouldn’t that be good? That’s a lot to do, but if you have a moving company the only thing you have to do is unpack when they deliver everything to your new home.

Movers are easy to find!

All you need to do is google professional movers and there are many that pop up. However, do your research make sure that they do all the things that is needed. The things you want to look for our; do they pack everything, do they provide the boxes and tape, do they load in the truck, and do they unload the truck. Look thoroughly for all those things. Movers in San Diego are easy to find. Just make sure they are close to the area that you are in. Many people use moving companies so ask around maybe someone has one that they will prefer over the other. Word of mouth can help you find the best one or as stated Google has reviews on these companies, so do not be shy to look online.

What should you do now?

Right now take your laptop or get onto your computer, and Google movers San Diego. Remember many will pop up but make sure to find the right one for you. Movers save you lots of time to get something else done. It takes about ten minutes to google movers, or ask your friends or coworkers if they know a good company. Moving company saves you from having to go to a doctor afterwards because you tried to do everything yourself. Those boxes will be extremely heavy, especially if you are moving somewhere that has stairs. Moving companies have more than one person working, so they can pick up the boxes together rather than you do it yourself. Don’t hesitate call one today.